Wednesday, 15 February 2017

mix 23


        01 marc evans – crescent moon (original mix)
        02 kloud 9 – love just better with you (the realm vocal mix)
        03 anané – parole parole (anané’s mix)
        04 osunlade – the fiction (casamena basement mix)
        05 dj fudge & hallex m feat. omar – simpatico (mike steva remix)
        06 louie vega starring anané vega – heaven knows (honeycomb vocal mix)
        07 zo!, muhsinah – packing for chicago (reel people remix)
        08 chris nigel, lee pierson jr – the songstress
        09 timmy regisford & adam rios – for the love of you (vocal mix)
        10 blue six – you just can’t stop (ian friday mix)
        11 maritri – angel in disguise (louie vega roots NYC mix)


Thursday, 15 December 2016

mix 22


        01 temika moore, josh milan - every word (honeycomb vocal mix)
        02 jaymoss crew – come back to me (trinidadian deep mix)
        03 AAries – don’t give up (mdcl remix)
        04 marie joly – so free (gratitude)
        05 wipe the needle feat. dawn tallman – release (vocal mix)
        06 louie vega starring bucie – angels are watching me (angels roots mix)
        07 angela johnson feat. russell taylor – be there (angela’s extended mix)
        08 manoo & francois A feat. dyanna fearon - crying for love (ezel quisqueya soul mix)
        09 mdcl & ovasoul7 – feels like home (vocal mix)
        10 charles webster ft. diviniti – learning to love me (P's deep soul mix)
        11 soul creation feat. stephanie cooke - you're special (doruk ozlen main vox)


Saturday, 15 October 2016

mix 21


        01 cannon soul – aladura
        02 k-man, ladi adiosoul – no more tearz (original mix)
        03 louie vega, caron wheeler – a new day (ron trent remix instrumental)
        04 sir antoniq – music within me (main afro journey)
        05 jaidene veda, josh milan – beautiful (n’dinga gaba mix)
        06 sculptured music – sun goes down
        07 gaba canaal – cannalar
        08 andy compton – quiet storm (darque’s afrodrum mix)
        09 karyendasoul – 18 bars (afro mix)
        10 jackson brainwave, boyza – god’s incarnate (original mix)
        11 mike steva – oasis


Monday, 15 August 2016

mix 20


        01 echo deep  alone at times (original mix)
        02 dj fortee, akhona  falling in love again (TekniQ distant journey remix)
        03 deeper phil  dream cloud
        04 afrolicious  what we came for (dj smash deep instrumental remix)
        05 essential I  back to front
        06 c-quence, afrodrum  modiego caprivi (c-quence remix)
        07 marcos valle  besteiras do amor (jazzanova remix)
        08 dj kent  anointed
        09 charles webster feat. diviniti  lonely (unrealeased mix)
        10 tale from the dirt feat. aquarius  heaven (rampa remix)
        11 hanna hais, aminata kouyate  alina (alex finkin MS main mix)


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

mix 19


        01 sculptured music feat. tsholo – mangwane (stripped)
        02 andy compton's sowetan onesteps  chillin' in the ghetto (andy's bristol mix)
        03 de la funke feat. yurai  inside & out (joe claussell dumisa version)
        04 capitol A, jaymz nylon  we are all heroes (ritual mix)
        05 deepanima  nature boy (original mix)
        06 neo soulsta  who knows (sean ali & munk julius deepsole mix)
        07 micasa feat. jimmy nevis  feel the love (original mix)
        08 funk deepstar, rakeem, skaiva  day dreamer (original mix)
        09 cuebur, rona ray  keep me (jonny miller remix)
        10 dj fortee, dindy, lady zamar  turns me on
        11 raffa scoccia feat. cato  honey drip (original)


Friday, 15 April 2016

mix 18


        01 somi  akobi: first born s(u)n (QB's hot mix maxd)
        02 dj shimza & cuebur feat. BK  friends with benefits (original mix)
        03 thandi draai  down on me (afro drumfreak mix)
        04 real deep feat. jaidene veda & MdCL  you got this (real deep vocal mix)
        05 luka & allison crockett  love glow (indysoul teardrop mix)
        06 dj fale feat. CJ  drowning (yoruba soul mix)
        07 zepherin saint feat. sonny harrelson  make a better life (tribe vocal mix)
        08 vick lavender  I love it (vick lavender's ext master mix)
        09 cathy battistessa  une nouvelle humanite (da capo's touch)
        10 eddie palmieri  mi congo te llama (joaquin joe clausell remix)
        11 chieko kinbara feat. josh milan  just like love (louie vega EOL remix)


Monday, 15 February 2016

mix 17


        01 africa caribe – exodus (joaquin joe claussell remix)
        02 monday michiru – don’t (casamena backyard remix)
        03 osunlade feat. han litz – what pho
        04 joe claussell & jerome Sydenham – spiritual insurrection
        05 louie vega starring axel tosca – sunlight (roots mix)
        06 reel people feat. tony momrelle – it will be (ezels vocal remix)
        07 louie vega & blaze – joshua’s jam (roots mix)
        08 vick lavender – havana (chasing spirits)
        09 black coffee feat. hugh masekela – we are one (roots mix)
        10 josh milan – fort greene’s theme (main)
        11 spikiri feat. hugh masekela – spiyanko (roots mix)